Synopsis The Other Woman?

        Helena a cold woman with a broken heart already closed to lov​e, with a simple and routine life with her children. By a misguided call he meets Lois, is captivated by the voice of such unknown, a few months before he met him, he feels uneasy about him.

Over time love and passion arises between them, he shouts his love for her and seals the commitment with a valuable ring.

The madness is so great that Helena leaves her family, her work and her routine by taking a suitcase and her children to another city away from her comfort zone.
In the wake of time she discovers that everything is a lie, since Lois is nothing she appears to be.

Sara Do Rosario(S.R.), author of The Other Woman?

I want to make you part of my first work, my book titled: The Other Woman? A novel based on a real story, where love and passion are mixed with a betrayal full of pain.

Unfortunately, it’s not just a story, it’s lives that I’m sure some of you will see reflected in such a drama… The Other Woman? Who and why is the other woman?

Reading it will not leave you indifferent to Sara Do Rosario

Mail: Mobile: 601343236 Born in Lisbon (Portugal), Mother and Wife, Director of

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